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the story of my Youtube Channel : why bluesvoice04 ?


I' ve been 2004 in Chicago. I guess, that tells almost all :) I created my Youtube Channel first 2008, as I quit to paint, but started a new project recording music videos with one camera. From the beginning on I learned by myself, how to cut videos.. Since my youth I've been signed mostly to blues music.. I could realize different video projects during many years in Austria and worldwide with such great musicians like Liz Mandville, Hans Theessink, Linda Tillery, Niddl, Rita Chiarelli, Bernard Allison, John Mayall, Dawn Tyler Watson, Charmaine Neville (yes, the nice, and daughter of The Neville Brothers) with Tina Turner, just to name a few..

Playlists: Ain't Nothing But Da Blues • Hans Theesink & Friends • New Orleans • Tina Turner









..then came Corona 2020, no music, no gigs, no videos. it was a huge CUT! I did know I need very soon a new source of inspiration, which brings some joy in my life. I missed my dog so much! As I visited the Zoo in Vienna, I fell immediately in love with the historical ambience and with many of the animals. There was so much FUN! There was LIFE! I've been stunned, as I heard for the first time the white-handed gibbons singin'. I studied the behavior of many animals, and learned so much about their feelings, habits and humor :) So I decided in July 2021 to start a new video project with animals, telling short visual stories about their life at the zoo, with it I hopefully can give some positive impressions to you, even if it's a lil' smile? :) and I guess there are many-many more animals docu-videos yet to come. So stay tuned, don't forget to subscribe, to like and to share bluesvoice04




Playlists: Zoo Shorts (1 minute episodes) • All The Babies • lil'funny zoo stories • zoo cartoons (a new experiment with my footage)