CENTERSTAGE CHICAGO, The Original City Guide

Rest Your Eyes on Something A Little Different

by Kate Schwartz

Sometimes, it's nice to do something just because it sounds like it has a little life in it: trying a sake and vodka martini is one peppy option; eating fried grasshoppers, an extreme experience in the cutting edge. The following shows have little in common, other than the fact that they sound a little spicy, and stray a little from the (generally unfairly) stereotypical, pinkie-in-your air art experience. And speaking of art experiences, your primer on where to grow will step up a notch (or five) next week when Art Editor Joanne Hinkel reclaims her post as "Can of Culture" queen.

LUX Gallery
"East Coast to West Coast: an Exhibition of Women Artists"
through July 28
Group shows are often a solid way to see a wide range of work, united, in some cases, because of similar subject or media. LUX Gallery's current show features artists from all areas of the country who work in media as disparate as glass and printmaking. The link? All are women. The show features the work of glass artist Pamela Cremer (Wis.), printmaker Barbara Mason (Ore.), painter Jungwook Grace Rim (N.Y.), sculptor CJ Wood (Kan.) and special guest, Viennese painter Beate Sandor. Determined to be more than a location, LUX is "a cultural network that brings artists and musicians together." Case in point: its Summer Sundays Concert Series will run weekly from 5-7 p.m. on that great lazy day, showcasing original classical and experimental music by local musicians.